Mid West Lime Ltd can carry out a full renovation of your existing traditional built structure.

Our level of expertise in modern construction technology and traditional crafts, combined with original designs will bring ideas to lift within a realistic budget. If there is a need to extend or modify a heritage building, Mid West Limes experience in the industry makes us the natural choice for the project. We deliver projects to the highest standards working closely with clients and the design team from the outset to deliver the best outcome. 

Mid West Lime can provide help with planning and general advice regarding any of the consents that are required when working with listed buildings or protected structures. We can advise on budget costs, schedules, materials and techniques. Our early involvement in a project means an easier working relationship with all the relevant parties and a smoother running of the project.

Construction of Broadford Roof

As principal contractor we can plan, manage, monitor and coordinate the entire construction phase
managing all Health and Safety risks.

We carefully choose the most appropriate materials bearing in mind the embodied carbon of products and the working life of each material. We tend to use materials with low carbon footprints. These materials are often natural materials where possible. The end product is a building with little or no VOCs which leads to a more hospitable environment to live in with a superior indoor air quality.

Many of the materials we use can act as carbon sinks. Lime mortar, hemp lime plaster, cork lime plaster and any lime-based product absorb carbon dioxide in the curing process. Timber frame structures, wood-based insulations, cellulose insulation all act as carbon stores. These materials should be considered in all future buildings as a more viable alternative where possible to building products with a high level of embodied carbon such as concrete, steel and some modern insulation materials.

Our Construction services include the following: