Facade Restoration and Stone Facade Repair

Mid West Lime Ltd carry out a comprehensive range of conservation/restoration projects including Facade Restoration and Stone Facade Repair.

Facade Restoration & Stone Facade Repair Services

Mid West Lime is a reputable and experienced company specialising in the restoration of facades and stone structures in the West of Ireland. With a deep appreciation for heritage conservation and a team of skilled craftsmen, Mid West Lime is committed to breathing new life into historical buildings while maintaining their original charm and character.

The Importance of Facade Restoration

 Over the centuries, the West of Ireland has been graced with an abundance of stunning architectural gems, characterized by their elegant facades and intricate stonework. These structures are not only a testament to the region’s history and culture but also vital components of its identity. However, the harsh Irish climate, pollution, and neglect have taken a toll on these cherished buildings, necessitating the urgent need for expert facade restoration.

Facade Restoration  Services

Facade Restoration Services: Mid West Lime offers a comprehensive range of facade restoration services tailored to the specific needs of each historic building. Their team of skilled artisans, conservation experts, and craftsmen collaborate closely to ensure the highest standard of workmanship. Some key services they provide include:

  1. Historical Research and Analysis: Mid West Lime begins each restoration project with in-depth historical research and analysis to understand the original construction techniques, materials, and architectural elements. This knowledge forms the foundation of their restoration efforts.

  2. Stone Facade Repair: As a cornerstone of their expertise, Mid West Lime excels in stone facade repair. Their skilled masons delicately repair and replace damaged or eroded stonework to match the original design, employing traditional techniques to maintain authenticity.

  3. Lime Mortar Repointing: To ensure the longevity of historic buildings, Mid West Lime uses lime mortar repointing techniques. This specialized method ensures that the mortar used between stones remains consistent with the building’s original composition, preventing damage caused by modern cement-based mortars.

  4. Conservation Cleaning: Gentle cleaning methods are employed to remove dirt, grime, and pollutants from the facade without causing harm to the delicate stonework.

  5. Structural Stabilisation: When necessary, Mid West Lime employs structural stabilisation techniques to reinforce the building’s integrity, ensuring it stands strong for generations to come.

Our Conservation services include the following: