Insulating Traditional Buildings

A Insulating Traditional Buildings is a renovation of an existing building that results in a drastic reduction in the energy consumed by the building.

 It may also involve modifying the building to achieve harmony in energy, indoor air quality, durability, and thermal comfort.

At Mid West Lime we understand how a traditional built structure works. We assess each building on its individual merits and its heritage values. We can carry out a condition survey and investigate existing equipment. We can propose a sustainable and energy efficient solution to optimise the buildings performance making use of existing technologies, materials and construction practices, without compromising the building fabric while helping to move towards a renewable energy future.

We have a vast range of experience in using many different types of natural
materials and techniques to achieve the optimum results. We have the
technical ability and knowledge to make assessments, to put forward optimum
proposals for the client to make the most of their traditional building.

Once completed, a traditional built structure that has undergone a full energy
efficient upgrade by Mid West Lime will offer a much more comfortable
environment to live in with much lower running costs and the usable life span
of the building will have been for generations to come.

The materials we use are always breathable and will work in unity with the
thermal mass of the building, they will not impede on way moisture travels
through the structure. Materials frequently used by us for thermal upgrades
are listed below:

Wall Insulation

Secil Eco Cork thermal Plaster, Woodfibre board, Expanded Cork Board, Calcium Silicate Board, Hemp Lime Plaster, Aero Gel Insulation, We are approved Diasen Thermal Plaster installers

Solid Floor Insulation

Foam Glass Aggregate, Leca Aggregate, Leca Lime Floor Screeds, Foamglass Bubble Lime Screeds

Suspended Floor Insulation

Hemp Insulation Batts, Wood Fibre Board, Expanded Cork Board, Hemp Lime Fill, Cellulose, Sheeps Wool

Roof Insulation

Hemp Insulation Batts, Wood Fibre Board, Expanded Cork Board, Hemp Lime Fill, Cellulose, Sheeps Wool


Upgrading, Replacing or installing Window seals, Repairing window frame and sashes, upgrading glazing panes, installing storm glazing.