Goggin Cottage Kildimo

Goggin Cottage Kildimo. May 2011-2013

This project involved the reconsolidation, repair  and harling of the rear and side elevation walls of Goggin Cottage, Kildimo, Co. Limerick for the Irish Landmark Trust.  

This is believed to have been constructed in the 1600.Water penetration caused washout of the inner core of the exterior walls. Along with this the old thatch roof had begun to fail over the previous years and caused the roof to spread which affected the masonry walls. The walls were leaning out excessively. A decision was taken to insert tie bars to prevent further spread. 

Our brief was to repair and reconsolidate the wall. There were small sections that needed to be rebuilt and underpinned. We had to stitch some of the more serious cracks and rake out all the mortar joints. The wall was then repointed on the inside and outside and a sacrificial coat applied. 

We then grouted the core of the external walls which reconsolidated the masonry walls. All the external walls required grouting. Grouting was carried out using gravity grouting technique .

The last phase of this project was to apply a harling coat to protect the masonry and then we applied a sacrificial coat to further extend the life of the harling and to give the cottage a whitewash effect.

Client:        The Irish Landmark Trust Ltd., 25 Eustace Street, Temple Bar, Dublin 2. (0)1 670 4733