Flaunching of wall head of a 17th Century Chapel - REPAIRS AND REMEDIAL WORK TO HISTORIC WALLS by Mid West Lime

Flaunching of wall head of a 17th Century Chapel, Strokestown, Co Roscommon.

This chapel was in danger of collapse, particularly the belfry which had ivy removed from it the previous year. The brief for this project was to record the profile of the wall head, remove any vegetation and debris and to relay any loose stones in lime mortar bed. 

Any missing mortar from the joints along the wall head was to be repointed along with the bell tower. A carved gothic stone window which is thought to be a later addition to the church had some damage to one of its mullions and the mortar joints had been totally eroded. The window was dismantled the damage to the mullion was repaired and reinstated.

This photograph show a section of the wall head when the work was carried out and four years after this project was completed. There is no sign of any organic growth on the wall head and there is no sign of deterioration of the wall head.

Client Strokestown Park House, Strokestown, Co Roscommon.

Conservation Consultant:  Katriona Byrne Conservation Consultant c/o Strokestown Park House