Goggin Cottage Kildimo

Thermal Upgrade to Traditional Farmhouse at Lorrah, Co Tipperary.

Mid West Lime were chosen to supply and install 60mm Redstone Pura board to the inside of the external walls of the house.

Pura board is a board material made from hydrated lime, silica sand and natural proteins. Pura Board is ideal for facilitating breathability on solid wall construction, preventing mould growth, absorbing excessive room humidity, and avoiding condensation build up.

All the walls were given three coats of natural hydraulic plaster to provide an even substrate for the Pura Board to be fixed. The boards are fixed with a lime-based adhesive which is breathable and capillary active. A silicate primer is then applied to the surface of the board before the topcoat of the plaster is applied. The topcoat of plaster is an OC plaster which is also vapored permeable and capillary active. A fiber mesh reinforcement is applied to this OC plaster and a thin topcoat is then applied and finished.