Thermal upgrade to private house, North Circular Road, Limerick

Thermal upgrade to private house, North Circular Road, Limerick.

Mid West Lime were given the contract for the installation of 500m2 of 100mm and 60mm Schneider Wood Fibre insulation. This insulation was fitted outside and inside the house which was undergoing a major refurbishment.

Schneider Wood fibre Insulation boards are pressure resistant insulation boards. They can be used for roof build up or for wall insulation. They come with tongue and groove edges or ship lap edges.

The boards can be fixed with an adhesive or with mechanical fixings to the substrate. Lime plaster can then be applied directly on to the board. The first coat is a base coat with a fibre mesh layer of reinforcement and a thinner finish coat is applied over this.

This type of insulation is 100% natural and 100% breathable. It works with the traditional masonry construction to maintain breathability.

The photo to the left shows the external window detail with 100mm wood fibre insulation fitted externally.

Mid West Lime were a specialist subcontractor for this work.