Strokestown Park House - stone wall repair

Mausoleum Stabilisation works at 17th Century Church, Strokestown Park House, Strokestown, Roscommon

Mid West Lime were PSCS on this challenging project of Mausoleum Stabilisation works. A section of the external wall of a brick and stone-built mausoleum had suffered extensive movement as a result of major vegetation and a sycamore tree growing on the vaulted roof structure.

The tree had been cut and the roots injected some years previous so all the roots were dead at this stage, but they had penetrated 6 ft into the core of the masonry.

Some of the coping stones on the edge of the roof had fallen off the wall and the wall was in danger of collapse. We first propped the wall, recorded the masonry and mapped it out. We then dismantled the masonry down to a solid footing below ground level. Once we established the original line of the walls, we then rebuilt the masonry elements in their original positions. We tied the new masonry into the existing structure using helifix cem ties.

There were some stone replacements in this project. Two sections of coping stones were not recovered so we had to make two new sections of coping stones and replicate the tooling to match the existing.

The mortar specified for this project was a Hybrid Hot lime mix of NHL5 and Quicklime.