CASE STUDY: GOGGIN COTTAGE, KILDIMO, Co LIMERICK - consolidating external masonry walls

Goggin cottage is a project run by the Irish Landmark Trust. The Irish Landmark Trust saves heritage buildings throughout the island of Ireland that are at risk of being lost through neglect or inappropriate use.

We were tasked with the job of consolidating the external masonry walls of the cottage in 2010. The decayed roof structure had been spreading the front and back walls. The wall core had huge voids throughout which was affecting the stability of the structure. It was decided to grout the walls with a lime based grout.

Prior to grouting we had to carry out remedial work to the masonry structure such as repair large cracks running from the ground up to eaves level and some masonry had to be built at ground level. We also had to insert grouting and bleeding points into the wall. After this we removed any failed plaster and gave the walls a coat of new lime plaster to seal up any gaps or cracks that might allow any grout to leech out when grouting. Along with this work we also installed a French drain around the perimeter of the house .This was important in this situation as the roof was thatch, it had no gutters so the French drain was the only means of removing the rainwater that fell from the roof.

The grouting work was carried out in two phases over two years 2010 and 2011. In 2012 we rendered the cottage externally. We applied two coats of Natural Hydraulic Lime with a render gun giving a finish which matched the original plaster. After this we applied two coats of a Lime Wash which transformed the look of the cottage.