CASE STUDY: COB HOUSE, EFFIN, Co. LIMERICK - restoration of a cob cottage

This was a rebuild of a cottage that had been damaged by fire. The original cottage was built predominantly from cob and also contained sand stone rubble walls. The client wished to restore this back to its original.

As this was a rebuild it comprised of a number of different substrates combining the old with the new to make this a comfortable home whilst conserving its original character.

These are as follows:

  • Cob
  • Sand stone rubble walls
  • Wattle and daub
  • Lathe
  • Quinn light blocks
  • Clay blocks
  • Plaster board

The lime mortars had to be carefully chosen to suit each element of the structure. Here is a list of the mortarsand materials we used.

  • Haired lime putty ,coarse stuff
  • Setting stuff
  • Pozzolanic materials
  • Dg27
  • Methyl cellulose
  • Hydraulic lime; Predominantly natural hydraulic lime 2
  • Hemp
  • Sharp washed sand
  • Riven lathe
  • Hourdex

We brought all these mortars together to achieve a cohesive finish throughout the building from the roughcast finish externally and the smooth internal finish restoring the original almost organic look and feel to the cottage.